What is the training for a Rolfer?

Rolfers are trained by the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado.  The Rolf Institute maintains the certifications for all Rolfers.  There are Rolfing Associations in Brazil, Europe, Japan and Canada.

How often should I schedule?

This depends on the body’s adaptation to each session, and to other ongoing practices (such as sports, yoga, physical therapy etc.).  Two to four weeks is the most common range; the best indicator is listening to your own body!

Will I need to return in the future?

“Tune-up” sessions, spaced at individually appropriate intervals, maintain the results of the original series of sessions.

 What should I wear?

Standard Rolfing attire is underwear (bra and panties for women, briefs for men) but many people are more comfortable adding some exercise clothes: running shorts, soft gym shorts, or a tank top are all good options.  Please, no lycra!  That stuff is too tight and clingy to work with.