I came to Rolfing as a second career, which is not unusual in the Rolfing community.  My husband and I owned a bookstore for 14 years and after we sold it I decided to find a Rolfer, and go through the traditional Rolfing ten series. I was fortunate that I was not recovering from an accident or seeking relief from a chronic condition. Even so, I found Rolfing very simple and powerful; movement became smoother and easier, daily activities no longer sapped my energy.

When the opportunity arose, I began training at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado, which owns the service mark for Rolfing. My training included three intensive modules, rigorous instruction in Anatomy and Physiology and a clinical practicum that included taking a number of clients through the entire ten-session series, as well as seeing clients for post series “tune-ups.”  My certification also included a lengthy academic paper that addressed various anatomy-based Rolfing strategies.  I received my certification in April 2001, and I have never looked back.

What I most enjoy in my Rolfing practice is meeting and working with a broad range of people.  Every client has a new perspective to offer and a unique solution to often complex physical issues.

When I am not in my office I enjoy hiking and camping, playing the cello, reading books and having fun with my husband and son.